The heart of the Babylon Youth Project is the organized and supervised programs we offer to our members.  The Director, Board, Staff and Volunteers sponsor and instruct many creative and interesting activities for the youth in our care.  Most of the projects are free of charge, designed to arouse interest, provide basic instruction, or introduce them to something new or entertaining.


The Babylon Youth Project is starting a new "All In" program option. This new program will grant you full access to all of our regular wonderful programs, transportation, extended hours, and even a daily snack. With our great personal staff and small group size we can give your child the extra attention they deserve.


Every other week we hold an Arts and Crafts program where we encourage creative thinking and imagination.  We have many different types of projects supervised by our staff and volunteers.  There are art projects, sand art, tie-dye shirts, foil frame art, homemade superballs, American Indian Art, Holiday Crafts, leaf printing, etc.  All of these activities are available with instruction free of charge to our members.


Many activities by our volunteers and staff include community service.  Project Replenish has contributed hundreds of bags of food items to our local Food Pantries.  Our youth members have helped out at the Conklin House and participated in the Sen. Owen Johnson Beach Cleanup.  Our goal is to help create a better village by volunteering our youth in local projects that enrich their lives through a stronger understanding of good citizenship.


The focus is on creating healthy, tasty, and easy snacks that our members can learn to make by themselves.  Participants learn about different foods, how to measure and cook interesting munchies.  The carte du jour has included Mac & Cheese, French toast, cookies, spaghetti & meatballs, brownies, pizza, and make your own fortune cookie with a surprise inside.  There is no cost to any of our members and the best part is you get to eat your own creations.


We do not have a sports facility but we encourage physical fitness for all members.  Many of the children enjoy the Wii Fitness Programs that we have available for use by our youth.  In good weather we have many outings that include walking, running, bowling, working, or playing outdoors.  All of these activities are supervised by our adult staff and volunteers.  The focus is not on competition but on having fun with your friends.


Our Homework Helpers Room is open daily for students who may need assistance with school assignments, or just a quiet place to read and study.  Our adult staff is always available for queries and support.  Together our volunteers represent over 160 years of classroom experience and can cover all topics; from basic skills to NYS Regents Prep.  Our volunteers make this an extremely successful program.


Twice a month we have a program called I.D.E.A.S. (Interactive Discovery for Empowering Amateur Science).  We introduce basic science projects for the kids to interact with.  We discuss the hows and whys and we see it through to the results.




Once weekly we sponsor a free movie night.  The staff selects an appropriate DVD to view usually every Friday.  We use our large screen display in the main lounge for the show and provide a free drink with popcorn for all the members.  We also accept requests for specific movies that are appropriate for our age group.  During the summer months we pack up the van for movie trips to local theaters along with a lite lunch.


Once a month the movie program gets a new education twist.  With careful precision movies will be selected with education, meaningful or spiritual points to broaden the horizons of the youth.  In addition the movie time, the program will involve pre & post movie discussion.


During the summer months when many of our members are involved in numerous family and community activities, we schedule weekly Road Trips to interesting local destinations.  Using our Town of Babylon stretch van, we have visited the Village Pool for a BBQ, local museums, fishing on the JIB VI, Movie Trips, Splish Splash, Go Karting, and the Fish Hatchery.  Most trips start early in the day and are free or of a minimal cost.  Join us for a Road Trip and have some fun in the sun.


Learn about Newton’s Third Law while building and launching you own rockets!  Find out about green energy while constructing solar and hydrogen powered vehicles.  Design and construct your own Popsicle Bridge or building.  Then load test the design until structural failure.   These are some of the special projects our members have completed.  All instruction and materials are free to our youth.


The Center is a place where youth may drop in and socialize with others members in a relaxed but supervised setting.  There are X-Box and Nintendo Games available to enjoy with a friend.  The Wii Programs are very popular and we have much of the extra hardware necessary to enjoy the activity.  There are also computer stations available for individual use.  Members can get homework help, hang with friends, or purchase a snack and drink while they decide what to do next.



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